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Spheres start out as a large piece of rough material. The material must be large enough to cut into a perfect octagonal-shaped piece. Preferably the piece is perfect without any "flaws" so that the rock does not break or crack during production.  Once the cutting is complete, the piece is situated into a sphere machine with 2-3 cups that allow the rock to rotate and grind down until it becomes a perfect sphere. Various sizes of diamond polishes and grit are used to grind and polish the rock along with a continuous flow of water that is perfectly mixed to provide the best finish. 

A sphere could take days of continuous grinding and polishing to complete. The polish is the last step and many polishing techniques are used depending upon the stone. Diamond polish, leather, felt and other polished are used depending upon the hardness and difficulty in polishing the sphere. The end result is a beautiful glassy shine. 

CyberRockhound does not believe in changing or altering the natural appearance of any stone. All spheres here are 100% natural. We believe they were "made" that way and we will let them stay that way--100% NATURAL FROM THE EARTH!

Enjoy these spheres and check out the ones we sold! as they are a labor of love and have required days of time and energy to create. Each sphere is unique, there are no two spheres alike just as no two snowflakes are alike. 

Amethyst Lace Agate
This beautiful purple amethyst-banded agate comes from Mexico.
3.00 Inches

Jelly Bean Jasper
From Idaho.
4.25 Inches

Parrot Wing Jasper
This material is very hard to find especially in this size. Wonderful green coloring.
3.75 Inches

Petrified Limb Cast
This specimen comes from Wyoming from a large limb cast piece.

4.25 Inches

Unknown Mexican Agate
This is a Mexican banded agate that is unknown. If you know what it is, let us know!
3.35 Inches

Polar Jade (Nephrite)
This green jade with black markings, is a quality piece. Toughest of any natural stone. Very handsome specimen from British Columbia, Canada! PURELY NATURAL! NO DYES, NO COLOR ENHANCEMENTS WHATSOEVER!
Porcelain Jasper
Beautiful crème and plum or mauve colors. This unique jasper is also called Exotica jasper and comes from Mexico.

4.75 Inches


Forest Fire Brecciated Jasper
Originally from South Africa. Colors are beautiful reds, oranges with clear agate throughout.
Stone Canyon Jasper
Wonderful yellow coloring, very hard to find in big sizes anymore!. Comes from California. Hard to get this jasper in any size.
4.00 Inches


Optical Fused Quartz
Wonderfully clear! Believe it or not...same material the windshield of the Space Shuttle is made out of. Extremely hard material.
6.5 Inches !!


Flawless sphere with gorgeous banding and Amethyst crown.
silverlace.jpg (117025 bytes) Diameter:
3.4 Inches


Triple A grade! From Zimbabwe. Check out this awesome, huge sphere! Rare to find this quality in such a large specimen. 
DCP_0773.jpg (156841 bytes) Diameter:
6.2 Inches


Beautiful purple, lighter than the specimen above. 
Charoite2.jpg (90501 bytes)    
Septarian Nodule
This Septarian is hollow in the center like a geode! This is rare.
SeptarianNodule.jpg (111385 bytes) Diameter:  
3.875 Inches/98 mm



South African Brecciated Jasper
This is a fantastic sphere! .

Sphere008.JPG (100460 bytes)    
Petrified Wood
This petrified wood is from Wyoming of an unknown species, but very richly colored. 
PetrifiedWood.jpg (130652 bytes) Diameter:  
2.75 Inches/70 mm





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