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Covington -- 8" & 10" Horizontal Combo Units

1-0010.jpg (10203 bytes)

Model # 690 8" -- $650.00


Model # 691 10" -- $720.00


Portable, easy to store
Heavy cast aluminum chassis
Removable saw table for grinding
Precision ball bearings, neoprene-sealed & greased for life
3" Saw cross feed
Comes complete with :

Super-charged diamond blade, grinding wheel, sanding wheel, polishing wheel, 3 3/4" rock vise, drip can water system, weight feed cord and scales, Covington Koolerant, carry handle, polishing powder, brush, dop sticks, dop wax, instructions and guarantee.

Size: 15" L x 11" W x 8" H  
Weight: 70 lbs.
Motor  included

8" Deluxe Combo Unit
With 10" Trim Saw

Enjoy the Convenience of Finishing Gemstone Material on One Machine with Ample Space

All the features of the standard combo units plus:
  • Five grinding work stations
  • Two drive motors
  • Speed control with 8 RPM changes

Base mounted Deluxe combo comes assembled with 10" saw, Levermatic speed control, 2 8" x 1 1/2" grinding wheels (100 & 220 grit), 8" drum sander, 8" muslin buff and aluminum leather polish buff. Sample kit includes #1 Koolerant, polish powder with brush and dop sticks with wax. A 1/3 HP H.D. motor drives the saw and a 1/3 HP Hy-Torque motor drives the grinding unit. Ships freight collect- email for freight quote

Unit comes assembled with operating instructions and guarantee. Size 52"L x 27"W x 17"H.

Model No. 446 -- 8" Deluxe Combo Silicon Carbide Unit with 5 grinding and polishing work stations, 10" Trim Saw and 2 motors (less stand).


$1725.00 our price
Retails for 1950.50

Model No. 447 -- 8" Deluxe Combo Diamond Unit with 5 grinding and polishing work stations, 10" Trim Saw and 2 motors (less stand).


$2135.00  our price

Retails for $2336.25

6" Diamond Combo Cab Workshop

This very popular 6" combination polisher/trim saw/grinder unit is ideal for those who want the finest in a compact, precision gem-making unit. The independently operated fingertip water valves control flow to the individual silicon carbide wheels and expandable drum. A submersible water pump controls flow from a bucket to the water control valves to circulate the cooling water. Brass petcock valves control flow of incoming and outgoing water. The cast aluminum tank and base is one unit, with sealed bearings mounted to a stainless steel shaft. A 1/3 hp. electric motor drives the shaft from a pulley belt. The end polishing disc is ideal for final polish and buff using the Microtex quick removable pads with on/off cement. Trim saw has removable table top and tank drain plug for ease of oil/sludge removal.

6" Diamond Cab Combo Workshop Complete
  • 1/3 hp. motor
  • Stainless steel motor mount
  • V-belt
  • 2 - 6" diamond wheels (80 & 180 mesh)
  • 1 1/2" expandable drum with diamond belt (400 mesh)
  • 6 x 0.025 x 5/8 BD-301 notched rim diamond blade
  • 6" polishing disc and Micro-Tex pad
  • Submersible pump and hoses
Diamond Combo Cabber $1350.00    

Covington 6" Combo Units
494 Color.JPG (41586 bytes)

Sealed ball bearings mounted in rubber for quiet & smooth operation
Completely mounted on Lam-I-Cushion base
Rust proof aluminum castings
Quick change hood & buff
Adjustable cab & wheel rest
Comes complete with: 6" triple-charged diamond blade, slab vise, water valves, wipers & drains, 100 grit & 220 grit 6" x 1" silicon carbide grinding wheels, expando drum, leather polish buff & 1/3 HP, 100v motor, cord switch, belt & belt guard
Starter kit comes with Koolerant, polish, brush, dop stick, dop wax, instructions & guarantee
Size: 24"L x 21"W x 9"H. Shipping weight: 120 lbs

Silicon Carbide Setup / Model #494 -- $855.00

Diamond Setup / Model #495 -- $1,200.00


1/3 HP Motor

Model #MTR282 -- $126.00

1/3 HP
110V with switch, pulley & belt
For use with #690 & 691 above
Weight:  25 lbs.



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