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Diamond Pacific Products

Diamond Pacific, located in Barstow, California, began operations in January, 1973. Proud major manufacturer of lapidary equipment, from grinding and polishing machines to a variety of saws, tumblers and specialty machines. 

Recently Diamond Pacific announced it purchased manufacturing rights and equipment for producing the Mini-Sonic and Vibra-Sonic line of tumblers from Custom Technology in New London, Iowa. This is one of the best and oldest line of vibratory tumblers on the market. Further, they have added new vertical flat polisher and a new swing arm saw in two sizes, 18" and 24". 

Further, improvements have been made on many other pieces of lapidary equipment at Diamond Pacific. is proud to announce it is a licensed dealer with Diamond Pacific on their quality lapidary equipment. We have selected a few of our favorites on this website. Please check back often for more lapidary equipment and lapidary supplies at Our website changes every day! Enjoy!

Trim Saw Attachment (Genie only)
Genie ("Magical" Gem Maker)
Titan (Rugged, Heavy-duty Gem Maker)
Pixie (Portable Gem Maker)
Taurus II2 Saw -- Accessory Kit
Band Saw Taurus II2 & Gryphon
Vi-Bro-Laps (Two Sizes!)




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