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Payment Options
We accept Visa, MasterCard,  and Discover cards. Personal/Corporate checks (10 day hold until check clears) are also accepted on a telephone order (See our telephone hours). All funds must be drawn from a U.S. bank in U.S. currency only. E Checks are a new way to pay online! Just like writing a check!  E- Checks are also accepted online and are subject to bank clearance prior to product shipment. Bank clearance can be up to 10 working days.

International orders ( outside US-CANADA), we will only accept International Money Orders or WIRE TRANSFERS .  This is due to fraud issues. International order will be subject to up to a two week delay in shipment so we may Investigate and validate the orders. If merchandise is being shipped outside the US, Wire Transfers or Intl money orders must be used.  International wire transfers will pay a $25.00 incoming wire fee. This is a fee our bank charges us.

Credit Card orders must be drawn a US bank.


Net 20 terms are available for US  businesses with good credit rating. Credit application with credit check required. Credit terms will be based on application. Please email for credit application.

Dealer Warranty strives to offer the best quality lapidary equipment and supplies. Please refer to the warranties of the individual equipment and supplies manufacturer(s) for specific information on warranty, repair and replacement of parts. If you would like to supply you with that information, or assist you, we would be happy to do so. You may email us at: EMAIL US  or contact us via telephone or mail at:
3025 Kensington Court
Sioux City, IA 51104
712/202-1622 (Hours from 6 pm to 9 pm, Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday, Saturday 9 am to 5pm)*

*Email is our quickest way of communication and answered ASAP. 

But phone calls always welcome!!! is a web-based lapidary equipment & supply company and you would hope that your family would reply as fast as we do.!!  

Damage in Shipment
Open your packages upon receipt. SAVE ALL PACKING AND CARTONS UNTIL YOU ARE CERTAIN MERCHANDISE IS NOT DAMAGED. Any adjustment for damage to merchandise in shipment must be made to the carrier. 


If there is any visible damage at time of delivery, the carrier must make note of this on receipt. In case of concealed damage discovered after unpacking, contact the delivery carrier immediately and request an inspection. SAVE ALL PACKING AND CARTONS. 

Return of Merchandise
Prior authorization for any and all returned merchandise is required.  Barranca Diamond Wet Polishers, and all diamond products  are not returnable unless defective and must have a RMA. If found non -defective, no credit will be issued. Email notification and tracking numbers of the shipped merchandise once the product has been shipped. All shipping charges on returned merchandise is the sole responsibility of the customer returning the product. All diamond products  and wet polishers are not returnable after initial use with no exception as we cannot control how they were being used.
 All returns must be pre approved and returned within 14 days upon delivery or the returns will not be accepted.  No exceptions will be allowed.

Books and Video Tapes are not returnable but only for like exchange.

Cancelled orders ( whether shipped or not)  are subject to a restocking fee of 15% . This covers the expense of credit card order fees and handling.Shipping charges are NON REFUNDABLE. POSTAL DELIVERY IS AT YOUR OWN RISK.  All returns must be preapproved and returned within 14 days upon delivery or the returns will not be accepted.  No exceptions will be allowed.

International Orders
We ship parcel post on orders below the weight limits for your country, and air or ocean freight collect on heavier orders. Generally, air freight is the best way. Please include complete shipping instructions. FedEx, UPS, Airborne or other air services are available to most countries. We reserve the right to surcharge any international order due to the restrictions of shipping overseas. 

International Payments
Must be drawn on a U.S. bank or credit company and be U.S. money.

Prices & Packaging Charges
All prices are F.O.B. and are subject without notice. Every effort will be made to maintain the lowest price structure possible. Many larger items involve a carrier fee. Check individual item before and during Check Out to verify carrier or crating fees. 

Patents & Copyrights
Many items, features and designs shown on are protected by one or more Registrations, Patents, Copyrights or Patents Pending and unauthorized use or reproduction in any way is strictly prohibited by said companies. does not, and does not proclaim to own any of the Registrations, Patents, Copyrights or Patents Pending and is authorized as a licensed dealer to show these items for sale. 


 Most major credit cards. VISA-MASTERCARD, DISCOVER

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