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Lapidary Supplies

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Calipers & Gauges
Dop Wax
Dop Sticks
Craft Cement
Feathering Disc Adhesive
Diamond Discs & Belts

Diamond Drills

Diamond Drill Bits (Core, Bead/twisted, etc.)
Diamond Files
Diamond Polishing Paste

Books and Videos
Felt Wheels
Cork Wheels

Ceramic Media  ( for tumbling)
Hot Stuff Glue
Polishing Compounds


Dop Wax & Dop Sticks

Green Dop Wax 1 pound $14.00


-Hardwood Dop Stick Set
Set of 10 sticks 4" long. 

A 2 x 1 x 6 Sharpening Stone for saw blades  ( bigger size now! )



CRYSTALCUT  water additive for saw blades and diamond grinding wheels
Recommended wherever diamond wheels are used with water. Crystalcut™ brand additive is a water additive and rust inhibitor to be used with diamond wheels, saw blades and discs. Mix 1 ounce of powder with each gallon of water.

1 lb box         $11.00

5 lb box         $50.00



Feathering Disc Adhesive

For sanding & buffing discs. Press it on, it holds. Lift it up, it peels.
FDA-Feathering Disc Adhesive, 5 oz. tube         $23.00   


Dop Wax
Dop Sticks
Craft Cement
Feathering Disc Adhesive


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