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Sphere Machines & Accessories

3-Headed Sphere Machine
2-Headed Sphere Machine
Little Sphere Machine

Little Sphere Machine-Extra Cups

Diamond Brazing Rods   NEW !!!
LARGE  Sphere Machine-Extra Cups
Metal Bond Diamond Sphere Grinding Cups
Sphere Corner Cutter

Covington -- New 3 Headed Sphere Machine

3 Headed Sphere machine.jpg (163996 bytes)

Model #381-3H -- $2500.00

Three 1/6 HP, heavy duty gear motors, 
Available in 110V 60 hz or 220V 50 hz.
156 rpm with 60 in-lbs. torque, 220V 50hz model 130 rpm
Each motor is independently mounted on swivel base
Stands 36" high with water tower and grit feed
Large spin handles for quick adjustments
Heavy steel frame and guides for years of use
Easy to use for beginners and experts alike

Price does not include shipping



Shaft Adapters for 3-head machine. Allows individual to use pipe reducers instead of cutting cups.   Set of 3 shaft adapters.



FIREBALL SPHERE MACHINE                      

Fireball Features:
Two axle design grinds and polishes spheres from 2" to 8" in diameter
1 HP motor with variable speed controller
0 to 150 shaft RPM range
Powder coated frame
2 sets premium grade brazed diamond sphere grinding cups (3-1/2" & 4-1/2")
2 sets resin pad sphere polishing cups (3-1/2" & 4-1/2")
2 sets 4" wedge cut resin diamond pads (30 to 13,000 grit 10 pad sets)
2 sets 5" wedge cut resin diamond pads (30 to 13,000 grit 10 pad sets)
Magnetic mount Line Loc flexible nozzle
Submersible electric water pump
Motor    Baldor VM3545

Horsepower   1 HP

Motor Voltage   220V / 50-60 Hz

Input Voltage   120V / 60 Hz

Amperage   7 Amps

Shaft RPM Range   50-120 (variable speed)

Arbor Size*   1/2"-13

Speed Controller   Baldor 1D150201-ER

Cup Size Range   2-3/4" to 5-3/4" OD

Max. Sphere Size   8" Diameter

Min. Sphere Size   2" Diameter

Size (LxWxH)   70" x 24" x 48"

Shipping Weight   650 lbs.

Part #   8303000

List   $4,200

Available in international electrical standards.
3/4 NPT arbor available upon request.
Shipping: prepaid or freight collect - common carrier. Lift gate fee $50. $65 delivery fee to residential addresses may apply. Crating charge: $250.
Manufacturing period 8 weeks from date of order.


Covington -- Two Headed Sphere Machine

Model #381 -- $1,625.00

Dual 1/3 HP, 110V motors
Automatic grit application with slurry bowl
Spring loaded cutting heads
Cutting angle adjustment
Shielded arbor shafts and bearings
Large metal cabinet with shelf

Price does not include shipping



Covington -- Little Sphere Maker

1-0005.jpg (8412 bytes)

Model # 382 -- $495.00

Dual 1/18 HP, 110V Motors
Make beautiful gemstone spheres, 1/4 to 1 inch in size
Automatic grit application
Spring loaded cutting heads
Downward-slanted cutter cups & shafts eliminate the need to constantly dab grit on with a brush. Grit slurry runs away from bearings.
Comes with one grit pan, instructions, guarantee and one pair of 1/4", 3/8", 5/8" and 7/8" cups
Size: 16" L x 8" W x 8" H  Weight: 25 lbs.


Little Sphere Machine
Extra Cups (Model #382)

C1-Extra 1/4" Cups, pair $13.00 pair
C2-Extra 3/8" Cups, pair $15.00 pair
C3-Extra 5/8" Cups, pair $21.00 pair
C4-Extra 7/8" Cups, pair $26.00 pair

Large Sphere Machine
Extra Cups (Model #381) 3 Head machine takes 3 cups

Cup Size Sphere Size Price Purchase
1" Cutter Cups 1 1/4" to 2" $31.50   / 3
1 3/8" Cutter Cups 2" to 3" $39.40   /3
2 3/8" Cutter Cups 3" to 5" $47.25   /3
3 3/8" Cutter Cups 5" to 7" $63.00  /3
4 3/8" Cutter Cups 7" to 9" $78.75   /3

Covington -- Three corner cutters



Used for cutting corners off--Saves grinding time
Easily fits in most saws
Gives user same cut each time



The 4" Diamond Cutter Cups grind faster than conventional silicon carbide cutter cups. The Sintered Diamond Cutter Cups are aggressive without being harsh and accommodate spheres from 3-3/4" to 6-1/2". The Resin Bonded Diamond Cutter Cups provide better control and grind quickly. These are designed for finishing spheres. All cutter cups come with 3/4" National Pipe Thread.  Sold in sets of 3 cups.







DC4100 Coarse, Black Resin 100g 6 lbs  
DC4220 Medium, Purple Resin 220g 6 lbs  
DC4320 Medium/Fine, Brown Resin 320g 6 lbs  
DC4600 Fine, Red Resin 600g 6 lbs  
DC4120 Extra Fine, Blue Resin 1,200g 6 lbs  
DC4405 Coarse, Red Sintered 40/50g 9 lbs  
DC4112 Medium, Green Sintered 100/120g 9 lbs  



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